Myofascial Yin Yoga: Roll and Release

We’re thrilled to welcome back Dominique Preston for her annual Lime House Yoga Myofascial Release workshop!

In this session Dominique will explore and experience the benefits of direct Myofascial release, yin yoga, intuitive movement and restorative yoga.  An immersive blend of different yet complimentary techniques that both stimulate and support the Body-Mind-Being into re-aligning and moving into a place of homeostasis –  our body’s natural state of balance.

Yin Fascial Yoga: Roll & Release

About Yin Fascial Yoga

Join Dominique in this Yin Fascial yoga workshop as we prep our bodies for deeper work with intuitive movement; moving our bodies in new ways, releasing restrictive patterns of movement and repetitive strain in the body.

There will be soft yin to gently tease open the tissues and lots of direct self myofascial release techniques as we target the typical knotty spots held within our connective tissue system. These techniques will help to unravel layers of tension and tightness held on a physical as well as energetic level and there will be plenty of stillness and time in restorative positions to fully absorb and soak up all the goodness from this deeply nourishing and replenishing practice.

Guaranteed to leave you feeling a little more relaxed and a lot more ALIVE and CONNECTED in body, mind and being.

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Saturday 2nd November

10:30am – 1:30pm


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Dominique Preston

Dominique Preston

Dominique grew up in Devon before moving to London in her early twenties. She worked in hospitality for many years and tried to balance the hectic lifestyle of restaurant managing with doses of Ashtanga yoga.

It was the structure and discipline of this yoga practice that became an empowering new way to connect with herself and led to a change of direction. She decided to head to India for six months in 2013 and embarked upon a yoga teacher training path.

Dominique is trained as a yoga therapist with The Devon School of Yoga and has now been guiding and facilitating yoga classes, retreats and workshop immersions since 2014.

She also trained in Yin Fascial Yoga in 2016 and has developed her Roll & Release sessions over recent years.


“My classes have a slow, somatic feel to them and are very much guided by my own learnings and experiences.  I lead students through enquiry-based practices, always returning to the body and breath as the anchor into presence.

I aim to bring a bit of creativity, playfulness, and grounding into a blend of awareness practices that help us develop a deeper understanding of the whole of who we are. Mind, body, breath and being.”