Yin Fascial Yoga: REST & Release

Yin Fascial Yoga – REST & Release
Dominique Preston
31st October

We are delighted to welcome back Dominique to Lime House Studio. This will be her first workshop in the new space where she will on a journey of  where you will be invited to slow down and turn inwards for a wonderful three hour workshop.


Come and join me for a deliciously melty Sunday afternoon of yin yoga, restorative yoga, free movement and lots of self myofascial release.


We’ll be targeting those typical knotty spots around the shoulders, the back and the hips; we’ll use lots of self myofascial release to help unravel layers of tension and tightness held within the body…we’ll use techniques of gentle pressure, rolling and releasing to plump up the tissues, squeeze out and replenish this wonderfully springy, fluid and buoyant body wide web.
Come and give your body and your nervous system a total reboot
We’ll get the body moving, and sliding and gliding with some free, fluid intuitive movement; softening and moving our bodies in new ways, releasing restrictive patterns of movement and repetitive strain in the body. There will be soft yin to gently tease open the tissues AND plenty of stillness and time in restorative positions to fully absorb and soak up all the goodness from this deeply nourishing and replenishing practice.


This is a practice for every BODY and no prior yoga experience is necessary… it is a complete practice that will leave you feeling mentally, physically and heartFULLY relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the week ahead.



This will be a slow & mindful practice with the intention of staying connected to breath and body; a complete practice that will leave you feeling mentally and physically relaxed, rested and ready for the week ahead.

About your Teacher


Dominique lives and teaches yoga in Exmouth, Devon. She has studied and trained in Yoga Therapy with Duncan Hulin at the Devon School of Yoga as well as training with the Sampoorna Yoga school in India.

Suitable for all every BODY.


If you have any questions please contact us on 01872 496613 or email info@limehouseyoga.com


• Sun 31st October


• 2pm – 5pm


• £35

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