Saturday Masterclasses

Saturday Masterclasses

with Jock Orton

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Saturday 16th January 
Surya Namaskara B – Take a fresh look at this traditional sequence that is used to warm the body before the standing sequence in Ashtanga yoga, however there is so much more to this sequence than that. There are fundamental movements that are learnt in this sun salutation that are essential for almost all other poses. In this brief masterclass you will be given techniques for you to look at this sequence a beginners mind, what we call in yoga Adhikara


Saturday 20th February 
Healthy Hip Opening

Saturday 27th March  
Sirsana 1 (Headstand)

Saturday 17th April  
Adho Mukha Vriksasana (Handstand)

This was without doubt the best Surya Namaskar workshop I've attended - Greg N
About your teacher


Jock has been teaching since 2003 and co-founded Lime House Yoga in Cornwall with his partner Emma.  His journey to yoga came after falling down a mountain snowboarding, breaking his back in several places and shattering his collarbone. After numerous unsuccessful operations he began a regular yoga practice that enabled him to heal from his injuries and astonished the medical practitioners who had tried and failed to put him back together!


He went on to train with Bridget Woods-Kramer, a world-renowned Anusara teacher with whom he spent six years studying and teaching.  Over the last few years his personal practice has moved towards Ashtanga and he’s undertaken trainings with some of the worlds best teachers including David Swenson, John Scott, Richard Freeman and Manju Jois, whom he recently assisted at Stillpoint Yoga in London.


He has developed a style that is physically challenging with attention to posture and alignment and above all, playful. His experience has taught him to cherish the physical practice of yoga, but it is the connection between mind and body that inspires his practice.



Saturday 16th January – Surya Namaskar 2


Saturday 20th February – Healthy Hip Opening (Headstand)


Saturday 27th March – Sirsana 1(Headstand)


Saturday 17th April – Adho Mukha Vriksasana (Handstand)


Time:  10:15 – 11:15am


Price: £15

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