Restorative Day Retreat

A Day of Relaxation
Sunday 22nd November 10am-5pm
Aimee Stapleford

Craving a little ‘me’ time and a return to calm?

Join us for a synergistic blend of Ayurveda, relaxation and Yoga to relieve a busy mind, soothe tight muscles and calm any stress and anxiety to support your mental wellbeing. .

A day of gentle, delicious movement, nutritious vegan/vegetarian food, talks and tips on sleep remedies and breathing practices to soothe your mind and emotions and reconnect you to your inner world and wisdom.


Learn exercises to relieve neck, shoulder and back tension and simple, no-fuss, back to basics daily routine recommendations to keep you feeling well throughout the coming changes in seasons. This retreat day will wring out stress and anxiety and help support your mental wellbeing.


Yoga Therapist and Ayurveda Diet & Lifestyle Consultant Aimee Stapleford will unite multidisciplinary techniques of Yoga, Ayurveda, simple, gentle yoga practices, breathing exercises and her passion for wellbeing to bring you a deeply relaxing and informative day retreat. A bespoke non-residential day retreat designed to enhance your wellbeing from the inside out.


You will be part of a friendly group exploring health to the back drop of a relaxing and welcoming environment at the stunning new Limehouse Yoga Studio.


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What to bring


We really have taken care of everything for you, however you may like to bring the following items if desired;


  • A journal, notebook and pen
  • Bed socks for a cosy relaxation sessions
  • A favourite blanket


  • Deeply relaxing, non-dynamic, floor based Restorative Yoga
  • Sleep remedies
  • Breathing practices to soothe the mind and emotions
  • Delicious, nourishing vegan lunch
  • Exercises to relieve neck, shoulder and back tension
  • Simple daily routine recommendations
  • Easy, gentle dietary guidance to support digestion balance and wellbeing
  • Intro to meditation
About your Teacher


Level 7 certificate through the Knoff Yoga System 2009-2015
Post graduate diploma in Yoga Therapy through Devon School of Yoga 2012.
2015 training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, certificate in Well Women’s Yoga and Womb Yoga sequencing.
2016 qualified as an Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle Consultant through Dr Apte, Ayurveda Pura Academy, London.
2016 Level 3 Counselling & Listening Skills
2020 Somatic Stress Release Therapy with Dr Scott Lyons
2020 HOPE facilitator/mentor


We look forward to welcoming you to this inspiring yet deeply relaxing day retreat.

Suitable for beginners.


If you have any questions please contact us on 01872 572620 or email


• Sun 22nd November


• 10am – 5pm


• £90

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