New Year Detox Yoga and Juicing Workshop

New Year Detox and Juicing Workshop

How many times have you made new year’s resolutions and they have fallen by the wayside by the second week of the new year?


We all start with good intentions that this year we will keep to our resolutions to make the change we want to see. However, at some point they invariably slip and then inevitably they fall by the wayside. We have all done this to some extent in our lives, and the feeling it leaves us with is that we are either ‘weak willed’ or the task we set ourselves was, in hindsight, just ‘too unattainable’.

To counteract this, we have designed this workshop to reinvigorate you, to keep you motivated and on track through the dark winter months of the new year.


The workshop is set out in three parts.

  • The first will be a physical practice concentrating on deep twists and long holds to detox the body.


  • The second part is intention setting for the year ahead with practical steps to help you achieve your goals.


  • The third part is an introduction to juicing. You will get to taste various juices and to write down recipes.

Part 1: The physical practice of yoga is only one of eight branches of yoga. The physical postural practice of yoga is designed to strengthen our body so that it doesn’t become a hindrance when we sit in meditation, having aching knees or tight hips is a distraction from our inward mental journey. The true practice of yoga, (union – with our true nature) doesn’t begin and end when we step on and off our rubber mats. From the moment you wake to the moment you fall asleep you have the potential to live your life in a state of yoga – union with your true self.


Part 2: You will be asked to set out your goals for 2017. Learning how to set realistic goals is the first step to achieving them, too often people fail because the enormity dwarfs them before they even start. You will learn how to break them down into manageable steps and to set the correct intentions on how to proceed.


Part 3: The benefits of juicing are well known, juicing boosts your immune system, increases your energy, supports your brain health and promotes weight loss. The reason for this is it helps you absorb more of the nutrients from the vegetables, because the process of juicing “pre-digests” them for you, so you will receive most of the nutrients of the vegetables without your body having to break then down first. Juicing allows you to consume a healthier amount of vegetables in an efficient manner and you can add a wider variety of vegetables in your diet.

“The intention for this workshop is to lay the foundation and framework for the rest of the year. By giving you a kick start to the new year with a detoxifying yoga practice, practical tools for keeping to the intentions you set for yourself and learning how you can incorporate juicing into your everyday diet.”

About your Teacher

Jock is the co-founder and director of Lime House Yoga. His teaching style is energetic and playful but grounded in correct alignment. When he’s not practicing or teaching he can found hanging out with his daughters who are constantly teaching him the true meaning of yoga.

Suitable for all levels.


If you have any questions please contact us on 07770 440300 or email


* Do let us know if you have any dietary requirements, we cater for everything.

Date: 14th January 2017

Time: 10:15am – 1:15pm

Price: £40 – Includes juices and snacks