Masterclass – Learning How to Drop Back

Saturday Masterclass – Handstands

There is no denying that dropping backwards onto your hands from standing is pretty scary and unless you were a gymnast as a child probably something you’ve probably never done before! It’s certainly something I never thought I’d be capable of doing when I first started practicing yoga. Thankfully with great instruction and encouragement along the way from my teachers it’s something that has become second nature and something that is no longer scary but a part of my practice that I really look forward to.


Backbends open the chest and upper body stimulating the Heart chakra (Anahata) allowing us to open more fully to our emotions.


Strong backbends can bring up stored emotions: fear, anger, frustration, sadness as well as joy and love. Over the years, I’ve had students come to me after a strong back bending class to describe the emotion that has been released asking whether it’s normal to be feeling, whichever emotion it is, so strongly.


Backbends will make you more fully present in the moment, because that moment when you first drop back on your own, I guarantee you won’t be thinking about whatever else you should be doing that day.


Who is this masterclass for?


This masterclass is aimed at students who are wanting to develop their backbend practice and take it to the next level.


Pre-requisites: You must be able to do Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upwards facing wheel) in the middle of the room.

What are the Saturday Masterclasses?


During a regular class there isn’t time to go into great depth and really break down certain poses…..and let’s face it you have to be pretty committed to your yoga practice to want to spend the whole day learning about the intricacies of padmasana (lotus)! We also realise that not everyone has the time or money to attend a full workshop.


The idea of the Saturday Masterclasses is to fill the gap between a full blown three-hour workshop and a regular yoga class. We do recommend attending the Saturday morning class as a ‘warm up’ to the Masterclass, as the workshops are designed to get straight down to business so you’ll need to be warmed up and ready to go.

We also limit the number of students to 10 students so you get more teacher/student interaction.

About your Teacher


Jock is the co-founder and director of Lime House Yoga. His teaching style is energetic and playful but grounded in correct alignment. When he’s not practicing or teaching he can found hanging out with his daughters who are constantly teaching him the true meaning of yoga.

Suitable for yoga practitioners who want to learn.


If you have any questions please contact us on 07770 440300 or email


* Do let us know if you have any dietary requirements, we cater for everything.

Date: 15th July 2017


Time: 10:15am – 11:45pm


Price: £12 – Places limited to 10 students