Easter Energising Week

Easter Energising Week

with Jock Orton

Starting the day in the right way sets you up properly for the rest of the day…….so why not join us for an invigorating 1-hour practice every weekday morning during Easter half term!

Jock will start each morning by guiding you through a focused breath led Meditation followed by an easy to follow Pranayama (breath work) to wake up your nervous system, and then a dynamic Asana (physical) practice.


The session starts at 6:45am but you are free to practice up to point that you feel is right for you (or you get interrupted by the, children, pets, fill in the blank.

These five days are going to give you more energy to take you throughout your day!

About your Teacher


Jock is the co-founder and director of Lime House Yoga. His teaching style is energetic and playful but grounded in correct alignment. When he’s not practicing or teaching he can found hanging out with his daughters who are constantly teaching him the true meaning of yoga.

Suitable for all levels.


If you have any questions please contact us on 0872572620 or email info@limehouseyoga.com

Date: Monday 12th – Friday 16th April

Time:6:45am – 7:45am daily

Price: £35 for all for five mornings

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