Neesha Zollinger – Anusara Yoga

Neesha Zollinger – Anusara Yoga
The Splendour of Recognition Workshops
30 August – 1st September

A deeper inquiry into the teachings given in Pratyabhijna Hrydiam/Splendor of Recognition will frame and support the heart qualities we bring into this movement filled workshop.

In this workshop Neesha will introduce you to the ancient tantric text of the Pratyabhijna hrydiam. Pratyabhijna literally means to recognise the heart of yourselfPrati – ” Something once known”, Abhi – ” Immediate” and Jñā– ” To know”.


This beautiful text gives you helpful practices to guide you on your spiritual journey.  Neesha will lead you on a study of the nature of awareness, and teach you practices to support your recognition of it.  Through a combination of lecture/discussion, yoga asana in the Anusara Yoga style, contemplation, journaling and meditation you will have a joyful exploration into the nature of youself. 



Workshop 6-8pm

The Freedom of Awareness, Attention, Presence:  Hip Flexor Release

Touching on the minimal essence of the weekend theme through a yoga practice that will illuminate your core, deepen your capacity for breath and free up your hip flexors.




Workshop 10.30 – 12.30

The Essence of Consciousness is Freedom and Oneness – experience this through practice and understanding:  Standing poses, Inversions, visualisations and pranayama.


Lunch 12.30 – 1.30 (included in price)


Workshop 1.30 – 3.30

The Play of Opposites:  A deeper inquiry into the philosophy presented, Q + A, Leg and shoulder opening, twists, hand balances.


Break 3.30 – 3.45


Workshop 3.45 – 5.45

You are a condensed form of the universe… working with contraction to experience essence!  Backbends, pranayama, visualisations, tools for supporting deeper recognition.




Workshop 9 – 12am

Expanding the Middle!  All yoga points us into ourselves to expand what is already there.  Deeply locate your centre and practice to juice it up through a full variety asana class.  Pranayama, meditation.



Each session will combine various amounts of seated discussion/lecture, asana, pranayama, chanting, visualization/meditation and relaxation.

About your Teacher


Neesha Zollinger’s yoga embraces intentionality: cultivating skills and virtues to empower the yoga practitioner to become the person that he or she wants to be both on and off the mat.  Her teachings support presence and curiosity to continuously open to the body’s intuition. The results are freedom in the body, mind and heart, with a more expansive and uplifted perspective of life. A former professional dancer, Neesha is a certified Anusara Yoga instructor, which combines Hatha Yoga, life-affirming tantric philosophy, balanced action informed by the breath and physical alignment principles.


She began her formal training in yoga in 1991 and has been teaching regularly with blessings from her teacher since 1999. A student of yoga for 28 years and a teacher for 20, Neesha travels around the world offering retreats, teacher training, immersions and workshops. Neesha is owner and director of Akasha Yoga in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Practice for her is being present, seeing the inherent joy in each moment, taking deep breaths and speaking from her years of establishing herself in her center where there is calm and clarity.

Suitable for all other than complete beginners.


If you have any questions please contact us on 01872 572620 or email

• Fri 30th Aug 6 – 8pm
– £25


• Sat 31st Aug 10.15am – 5.45pm
– £80 (including lunch)


• Sun 1st Sept 9am- 12pm
– £25

All photos by Rich Goodwin