A Drop of Yoga Like Water

A Drop of Yoga Like Water Workshop – Includes Lunch
Dan Peppiatt
Sat 14th March

A whole day breath, body and being workshop…

Taking some key elements from many of his ‘Yoga Like Water’ intensives, join Dan Peppiatt as we explore what yoga really means to us as individuals and how we might express that through our bodies, breath and being.


This day long workshop is for absolutely everyone from beginner to teacher. You don’t need to do a headstand or shoulder stand because we won’t be doing either of those! You will however need a sense of humour, an ability to fall over and get back up and an overwhelming willingness to play, laugh and explore what yoga can be in entirely new ways. The tools that we use are not meant to replace anything, they are simply a way of enhancing and deepening an understanding of your current practice

Using Dans SIGNS for movement guidelines we get very physical as we investigate:

  • Spaciousness – how to identify closed spaces in the physical body and painlessly open up those spaces
  • Integration & Intuition – how to find your intuition and integrate it into your movement
  • Grounding – how to ground your movement through breath and how this minimises tension
  • Natural – understanding your current movement behaviour and habits and how we might rediscover a more balanced effortless way of moving
  • Spontaneity – what is Wu-wei? Why is spontaneity so often the missing ingredient in our movement training and yet possibly the most valuable?

Being– What is yoga and why are you ‘doing’ it? Who is the yogi practicing the yoga anyway?

Why understanding the mind begins with understanding the breath and body.

What the Kleshas are and why they are key to practice.

Explore the differences and significant connections between concentration, meditation, attention deconcentration and flow state as well as exploring the practice of them all.

About your Teacher


Dan has been ‘having a bit of a jump about and sitting quietly’ for over twenty years. Approaching the way that yoga is taught and practiced, Yoga Like Water works on the basis that there is no separation whatsoever between ‘yoga’ and life. Expect to learn equally from traditional pranayama and freediving breath techniques; Asana, functional movement, animal movement and qi gong;  Meditation, deconcentration and the flow state; Patanjali, Ramana Maharshi, Taoism and Krishnamurti!


The food we serve at Lime House Yoga is colourful, healthy and most importantly tastes amazing. We are passionate about supporting our local food suppliers and growing our own produce in our vegetable garden and polytunnel. Predominantly vegan, we love trying new recipes so that no two days are the same.


We cater for all possible dietary requirements, please let us know on booking if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.

Take what works, discard what doesn’t and add what is essentially your own - Bruce Lee
Suitable for all everyone.


If you have any questions please contact us on 01872 572620 or email info@limehouseyoga.com


• Sat 14th March


• 10:30am – 4:30pm


• £80 Includes Lunch*

*Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements

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