Until we can be together again our classes will be Streamed Live
Payment options for online classes


In response to suggestions from our community, we are changing our payment options. We want to support as many people as possible to access yoga and meditation and you have told us you’d like a way of helping support the LHY community. We will now offer a range of differently priced 7 Day Unlimited passes to enable people to pay more if they can afford to and less if they can’t. Whichever price you pay will give you access to all of our online classes.


Please pay what you can afford.  If you can afford more than the standard fee, your payment will go towards supporting those who can’t.

If you can only afford less than the standard fee, please know you are welcome and supported by the LHY community.


  • Sponsor price: A benefactor price, which helps others to access classes on the Supported rate.
    We offer a range of Sponsor prices for you to choose from. £20, £25 or £30


  • Standard price: This price covers the basic costs and is the price we ask everyone to pay if you can. £15


  • Supported price: A subsidised rate available to anyone for whom the Standard rate is too high. £5 or £10


If you cannot afford to pay anything at all, please get in touch. It’s always been our belief that nobody should go without yoga because they can’t afford it!

How to access our online classes via Zoom


1: Make sure you are logged in to our booking system. Existing students: You will be able to tell whether you are logged in as it will say, ‘Not *your name*? Logout‘ at the top right of the calendar. New students: Set up an account by clicking ‘create an account’ and then follow the onscreen instructions to ‘Create or claim your account’.


2: Buy a pass either via the pink purchase box on the right hand side of this page.


3: Register for a class by clicking ‘Sign up and Pay‘ beneath a class on the calendar. Once registered it will now say ‘Deregister, View Broadcast‘ below the class. (If this doesn’t show up go back to instruction 1 and make sure you are logged in)


4: Download the Zoom app on zoom or download it from your mobile device app store.


5: Fifteen minutes before the start of class click on the ‘View Broadcast‘ link and it will open up the zoom class. If you are using a laptop click on ‘open zoom.us‘, if you are using a mobile device it will open up the class automatically.

•••••••• Download our app to,

•••••••• Buy passes

•••••••• Register for classes

•••••••• Book workshops

•••••••• Manage your account

Before your first class.
You will need to fill in a new student form.

Either fill it in when you arrive or
you can fill it in now.

Android users click on the icon and
bookmark the page

We offer a range of classes suitable for all, from beginners to advanced and with new students starting each week, every class can be adapted to suit you. We love the fact that our students are an eclectic bunch and offer a range of yoga styles to choose from. From gentle restorative Yin yoga to dynamic Ashtanga, there’s something here for everyone. Have a look at our Yoga Styles page for more information.


Our oldest student is 65 and our youngest is 6, we have 6ft 4” guys and 4ft 11” women, elite athletes and those who are at the start of their fitness journey. People who come for the physical strength and challenge of the practice, students who come to calm their minds and those who quite frankly come just for Em’s food!


Pre-booking is required before coming to class as we limit the number of students to 16 per class.


There are a range of payment options, you can ‘drop in’ and pay each time or purchase one of our class passes. These are available at the bottom of the page and offer discounts on the class price.

Class Prices

10 Class Pass – £78.50
* valid for four months

£7.85 / 90 min or equivalent to £5.23 / 60mins


5 Class Pass – £42
* valid for two months

£8.40 / 90 min or equivalent to £5.59 / 60mins


Monthly Unlimited – £67
* Automatically renews monthly on the date of purchase

@ 3 classes / wk = £5.60 / class or equivalent to £3.53 / 60mins


Annual Unlimited – £660
@ 3 classes / wk = £4.40 / class or equivalent to £2.93 / 60mins


90 min – £10
(equivalent to £6.66 / 60mins)


75 min – £9.50
(equivalent to £7.59 / 60mins)


120 min Ashtanga Class/Mysore – £12
(equivalent to £6 / 60mins)

(Or one and a half credits if you have a 5 or 10 class pass. Or included as part of a monthly unlimited pass)


Concession – £6.50


Struggling – we believe yoga should be available for everyone. If you’re struggling, please talk to us.

Class Levels Explained


Our FUNdamentals class is designed to give our new students the foundational elements of the yoga practice and to be taught in a relaxing environment where everyone is learning something new together. It builds student’s confidence in the common yoga sequences – sun salutations A&B and also gives time to work step-by-step through the most widely used postures in the yoga class. It is also suitable for students who are returning to their yoga practice after a break.

Level 1/2

Classes are suitable for people who are either starting out on their yoga journey or who prefer a more gentle practice. The class will include sun salutations at a gentle pace and relaxation techniques. Confident beginners are also welcome.

Level 2/3

This is a moderate to fast paced class that will introduce more challenging postures, including backbends, inversions and pranayama (breathing) techniques. Classes are suitable for intermediate and advanced students who have a good foundation and have been practicing for some time. The teacher is experienced enough to adapt the posture to suit your individual practice.

All Levels

This is a mixed ability class suitable for both new and advanced yoga practitioners. You’ll see that many of our classes are mixed level as we’ve noticed that new students progress much faster when in a mixed ability class. Don’t worry though, the teacher is always experienced enough to adapt poses to suit everyone in the class.


This a re-energising and relaxing class especially for mum and baby. Our postnatal classes focus on strengthening the abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles. The postures will also help to release tension in the shoulders and neck. The class will incorporate your baby, creating a fun atmosphere and more opportunity to bond. We recommend that you allow your body time to fully recover so therefore the classes are aimed for when the baby is 6 weeks plus up to when they are able crawl. The classes are booked as a 5 class block. that can be used over a 7 week period, so if you miss a couple of weeks then your pass is still valid. £40 for 5 classes.

Mysore Practice

Mysore practice is the traditional way Ashtanga Yoga was taught in India. The student practices a predefined sequence of asana’s (poses) at their own pace and the teacher will only adjust or give advice where necessary.

Ashtanga Counted Led Class

The Saturday morning class is a counted led practice. The teacher will count in Sanskrit and give clear instruction on how to perform each of the asanas (poses). Each asana in the series has distinct number of movements to move into and out of the ‘state’ of the asana.
ie. Trikonasana (triangle pose) has a count of  5 Vinyasa’s to get you from standing at the front of your mat into the ‘state’ of the asana for both the right and left legs and then back to standing at the front of your mat again. (It may sound complicated but once you experience it in class it will make more sense!)

Good to Know

You need to pre-book for classes


Mats and props are provided


• Save £144 with an annual unlimited

class pass, compared to a monthly pass.


• Save £21.5 with a 10 class pass


• Save £8 with a 5 class pass


• If you come to 2 or more classes a week

then a monthly unlimited pass is the

right choice for you


Click for FAQ’s and Yoga Styles

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