Jenny Chancellor

Our newest Lime House recruit, Jenny is a physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, surfer and mum to two very active, non-stop little boys.
She started her career in 2009, working as a musculoskeletal physio in London, spending time in the NHS, in private clinics, and in occupational health. Then, in 2016, she and her husband decided to move to Cornwall to follow their dream of living and working by the sea.
Jenny first used Pilates as a form of rehabilitative exercise, enjoying how much it helped her physio clients recover from injury. Her love for Pilates only grew, so she trained as a mat and reformer Pilates instructor, offering a range of mixed level and tailored classes, including pre and postnatal, ‘surf-fit’ and bone health Pilates.

Jenny has also trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute into Pilates (APPI) for scoliosis, bone health, menopause and HIIT sessions.

She now uses her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to ensure everyone gets the most out of Pilates — regardless of any conditions that may have limited them in the past. She genuinely believes Pilates is for everyone, and that this form of exercise is both exciting and ever changing.

Jenny uses all aspects of her training on the mat, including tapping into her reformer knowledge by bringing resistance bands and spiky balls to class.

“For me, teaching at Limehouse is something of a dream come true, exercising while surrounded by nature in this beautiful place we call home.