Emma-Louise Campbell

Curiosity, enthusiasm, interest and instinct have guided me towards bodywork and yoga.  I am fascinated by the human body and believe that both yoga and massage are truly wonderful experiences and can help us to find harmony with ourselves.


I have exercised most of my life and have felt certain stress relieving benefits but nothing speaks to me as powerfully as the complete well-being that I feel after my yoga practice.  I delight in both the movement and stillness that I discover and I find the ‘well-being’ contagious.  Yoga calms my mind and I find a deeper way of coming into my body than exercise alone offers.  For me it’s the missing piece, that understanding of the union between mind and body.


I had been curious about yoga since I was a teenager where I discovered a friends mother practising.  I then spent my life dipping in & out of various classes and styles, even attending pre/post pregnancy yoga classes with both of my children.  8 years ago, I met Jock and so began my regular yoga practice with him.  I was immediately drawn to the style of Anusara Yoga and Jock’s wonderful interpretation of it and I knew I was hooked.


In November 2014 I had the privilege of completing my Yoga teacher training with Doug Swenson.  Doug began his study of yoga in 1969, the year I was born.  His style of yoga ‘Sadhana Chi’ is an evolution of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power, Yin and Restorative Yoga with the goal being to create a holistic balance between learning & teaching, power & softness, intellect & fitness.  This simple approach resonates a great deal with me and my personal practise is a reflection of his teachings.  Some days I have the energy to approach a powerful Ashtanga practice and other days I need the restorative effects of a more Yin based approach but all the while paying particular attention to the correct alignment of my body.


I try to spend as much time as I can with my mat and am excited to be joining Jock to assist and teach on the Yoga FUNdamentals class.  As well as teaching yoga I continue to investigate body-centred and spiritual approaches to holistic health using various massage techniques including ‘Thai Yoga Massage’ and the wonderful ‘Chavutti Thirumal’ (massage by foot pressure), also known as the dance of the Hindu god Shiva.


Find Emma teaching at Lime House on Tuesday evenings for Rocket Yoga 6:30-8pm.