Amy Hughes

I began yoga when I was 16 having been introduced to it by my wonderful mother, Lynden. Having studied Iyengar and Ashtanga primarily, I met Bridget Woods-Kramer in 2004 and trained to become an Anusara Yoga Teacher with her in 2005.

I subsequently taught at her studio in Cornwall and assisted on her retreats and trainings in Europe and abroad. I was later able to combine my yoga teaching with travel, and taught regular classes in New Zealand for a year and on a surf yoga retreat in Portugal for a season. In 2009 I met John and Lucy Scott in New Zealand and my interest in Ashtanga was rekindled. It became my daily practice again and I studied with them further in Cornwall and with Rolf and Marci Naujokat, two wonderful Ashtanga teachers in Goa. I did Ashtanga Teacher Training with David Swenson and Manju Jois.

I’ve been teaching a Vinyasa style of yoga for over 10 years. Vinyasa means that breath is combined with movement in a dynamic meditation. In Vinyasa classes, whilst there is a strong focus on the bio-mechanics of alignment, there is also a flow to the practice.

I hold fast to the belief that it is not how bendy yoga makes us, but how much better a person – that’s what shows us yoga is working. I try to teach with humility and view myself first and foremost as a student – always. As a practising secondary school teacher, my sense of humour and love of stories are also woven into my classes. Apart from teaching at Lime House Yoga, I run my own yoga classes in Stroud.