Pregnancy Yoga

Gemma Peppiatt

Starts September 9th

Our new pregnancy yoga classes will begin on Thursday 9th September 2021 and will run in 5 week blocks. They will be taught by our new teacher Gemma Peppiatt. Gemma has been teaching yoga for over twenty years. She enjoys working with expectant mums and specialises in yoga therapy, yoga nidra, adapting with props, and yoga for pregnancy.

Whether you are new to yoga or a yogi with an existing practice, consistent yoga throughout your pregnancy will help you maintain strength, flexibility and stamina. It will help you to keep up your fitness levels but also be of great benefit during labour and can help with faster recovery post-birth.


Lime House Pregnancy Yoga classes will be a safe place to relax, relieve any pregnancy-related tension and help to calm your nervous system through slow, steady breathing. Gently develop a bond with baby before they are born and tune into your body as it undergoes its most amazing transformation.


Held in our beautiful new studios, the hour-long class will be followed by a social half an hour of chat, tea and discussion – anything from slings and re-usable nappies to home births and breastfeeding support.


Our passion for creating community through yoga is extended through our pregnancy yoga – establishing a bond between new mums and providing support for their emotional well-being through new friendships.

“Pregnancy yoga was invaluable for so many reasons during my pregnancies, not only strength and flexibility, but for a calm focus on preparing for labour and of course the opportunity to meet other mums on the same journey meant I built up a support network for my maternity leave.” Debra
About your Teacher


Gemma has over fifteen years of experience teaching pre and post-natal yoga classes and birth preparation.

These are cosy and relaxed yoga classes designed to suit women’s changing bodies and needs both during pregnancy and after birth. The smaller than usual class size enables a focus on everyone’s individuals needs and offers an opportunity for mums to be to get to know each other.

Sessions combine relaxation, breathing techniques, movement and gentle yoga postures which can all be beneficial to enhance your health, sense of well-being and alleviate aches and pains.

Some of the breathing techniques and poses are beneficial not just in pregnancy but during labour and even postnatally

Above all else it’s a chance to take time out for yourself, to relax, ask questions and enjoy the company of many others on the same journey.

Suitable for all expectant Mums.


If you have any questions please contact us on 01872 496613 or email


• Starts Thurs 9th September


• 6.15pm – 7.45pm


• £48 per 5 x Classes

• £4.80 Half price introductory first class