Dynamic Mat Pilates
Jenny Chancellor
Pilates at Lime House


We are so happy to be offering a weekly Pilates Class and Workshops at Lime House. It’s something we have been wanting to offer for a long time and when we met Jenny we knew we had found the teacher who would be able to deliver it.


Weekly Classes


Are Dynamic Mat Pilates, every Thursday between 7:45-8:45pm. The session is suitable for all levels, offering you a full body workout with just a little bit of muscle burn.


Expect a focus on core stability and mobility, helping you leave Limehouse with a little more spring in your step!”


How is Pilates different to Yoga?


Both Pilates and yoga are low-impact exercises, but there is one important difference. When practicing yoga, you typically adopt a position and hold it, or flow into a different position. In Pilates, you adopt a position and then challenge your core by moving your arms or legs. Both approaches increase strength and flexibility.


Where does Pilates come from?


The story of Pilates begins with a sickly child named Joseph Pilates who was born in Germany in 1883. He wanted to improve his health by studying yoga, martial arts, and other disciplines involving the mind and body. He became more interested in body movement during the first World War when he worked with injured soldiers. After the war, he brought his style of exercise to New York City, where dancers, actors, and athletes embraced it.‌


Pilates moves require stabilizing your core before going through a series of range-of-motion exercises.

For me, teaching at Limehouse is something of a dream come true, exercising while surrounded by nature in this beautiful place we call home.


  • Weekly classes starting Thursday 8th September


  • 7:45-8:45pm


  • £12 drop-in or valid with all Lime House Passes
Pilates Workshops
Surf Fit Pilates Workshop

Sunday 6th Nov’ – 9 – 11am
£40 (Includes coffee and cake afterwards)


I’ve always loved surfing. The ocean gives us a place where the body and mind can connect, but surfing is a challenge. It takes strength (both physical and mental), agility, and flexibility.


And to really appreciate your time in the water, you need cardio fitness.


I’ve taught Pilates for many years and, since I’ve surfed more, I’ve realised how many Pilates movements complement each aspect of surfing: from paddling to duck diving, popping-up to riding waves.


  • Thoracic exercises help strengthen and mobilise our upper spine, not only reducing lower back strain while paddling, but allowing us to use the full range of movement in our shoulders and maximise our paddle stroke;
  • Gluteal and core work help our balance and stability as we pop up and drive through the turns.


Pilates also connects body, mind and breath, allowing us to find relaxation and strength in the moment. And it can help our bodies become strong and mobile, reducing the risk of the strain injuries that often bring time in the water to an abrupt end.


This workshop includes a physio-led Pilates class focusses on the foundations of surf strength, offering a challenging full-body workout. And a spiky ball session will teach you how to self-massage those tight areas, which is a great pre- and post-surfing ritual.


Then coffee and cake will give us time to chat all things Pilates and surfing, enjoying a moment with like-minded people you might know from the water!

Expect a focus on core stability and mobility, helping you leave Limehouse with a little more spring in your step!”
Your teacher
Jenny Chancellor

Jenny Chancellor

Our newest Lime House recruit, Jenny is a physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, surfer and mum to two very active, non-stop little boys.

She started her career in 2009, working as a musculoskeletal physio in London, spending time in the NHS, in private clinics, and in occupational health. Then, in 2016, she and her husband decided to move to Cornwallto follow their dream of living and working by the sea.

Jenny first used Pilates as a form of rehabilitative exercise, enjoying how much it helped her physio clients recover from injury. Her love for Pilates only grew, so she trained as a mat and reformer Pilates instructor, offering a range of mixed level and tailored classes, including pre and postnatal, ‘surf-fit’ and bone health Pilates.


Jenny has also trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute into Pilates (APPI) for scoliosis, bone health, menopause and HIIT sessions.


She now uses her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to ensure everyone gets the most out of Pilates — regardless of any conditions that may have limited them in the past. She genuinely believes Pilates is for everyone, and that this form of exercise is both exciting and ever changing.


Jenny uses all aspects of her training on the mat, including tapping into her reformer knowledge by bringing resistance bands and spiky balls to class.