Navagraha – 9 Grasping Forces Workshops
with Louise McCutcheon

Join Louise on a journey of 8 workshops through the nine planets (Navagraha’s) from Ayurvedic Astrology. Seven are named after the planets in the solar system and the other two are demons who managed their way into the group through trickery – Rahu and Ketu.


Each workshop will focus on a different planet – it’s spiritual path, archetype and attributes, and how we can propitiate it through Mantra (sacred sound), Yantra (ancient meditation tool), Pranayama (breathwork) and Asana (physical postures) to relax, harmonise and energise each planetary body within a Vinyasa sequence.

In Ayurvedic Astrology the nine planetary energies, as 8 archetypes, govern one of each area of life:
Spiritual, Desires, Relationships, Career, Creative Play, Dharma, Vital Body and Physical.
This will be a joyful exploration!

Workshop OneSunday 11th September 2022, 2-4pm

The SunSurya Yoga

The Integrated Path

We begin our journey honouring the universal energy of the Sun. This source of light and inspiration, exploring how the Sun energy may show up in our lives. If you need to find your sun again there will be some simple takeaway tools to help.

Workshop Two – Sunday 2nd October 2022, 2-4pm

The MoonBhakti Yoga

The Path of Devotion

This week will focus on the soothing, receptive, reflective & changeable energy of the moon.

Let’s drop into the heart and find this unconditional love energy.

Workshop Three – Sunday 6th November 2022, 2-4pm

Mars – Kundalini Yoga

The Path of the Warrior

Mars has a intense, focused, get to the point quick energy. How can we harness the ambition & passion of Mars whilst cultivating flexibility.

Workshop Four – Sunday 11th December 2022, 2-4pm

Mercury – Gyana Yoga

The Path of Inquiry

The quick, curious, playful energy of Mercury has heightened sensitivity. Using the wisdom of nature and consciously coming home to the Self to find balance.

Workshop Five – Sunday 8th January 2023, 2-4pm

Jupiter – Karma Yoga

The Path of Selfless Service

This priestly, expansive energy loves ritual. In balance it is a generous and giving but can over extend and become heavy. We can lighten up this energy to find endurance and steadiness.

Workshop Six – Sunday 5th February 2023, 2-4pm

Venus – Raja Yoga

The Path of the Senses

Beauty, arts, positivity, sensuality, embracing the body as a temple are all important to Venus. The right use of the senses isn’t superficial so lets adorn the Goddess.

Workshop Seven – Sunday 5th March 2023, 2-4pm

Saturn – Hatha Yoga

The Path of Silence

Shuuush, sound, savasana, Shani, Shiva, shanti all these things move us towards quiet. Saturn is a slow, cold, peaceful energy that benefits from purification through the physical body to arrive at a place of silence.

Workshop Eight – Sunday 2nd April 2023, 2-4pm

Rahu & Ketu – Hatha Yoga

The (non) Path of Tantra

The mysterious nodes of the moon. The rebel energy. Rahu’s energy is more in the world, innovative and transforming. Ketu’s energy is inwardly directed at finding one’s own way to mystical nature. Can we be less self-conscious? What would we really do if no-one was watching?

About your teacher
Louise McCutcheon

Louise McCutcheon

Louise has been practicing and studying yoga for 10 years; immersing herself in Anusara yoga, then qualifying as a Vinyasa Flow teacher in 2016.


Whilst on her yoga teacher training, Louise fell in love with Mythology, Mantra & Mudras and so Mmm Yoga was born!


She has since taken various Level 2 trainings in Bhakti, Tantric and Vedic philosophy, Sanskrit, Yin, Meditation and Shakti Immersions, as well as workshops studying Hindu Goddesses and the Mahavidya’s.


This delving into Shakti led Louise to her teacher Sarah Thomlinson, a Yantra teacher and Ayurvedic Astrologer. Her teachings were transformational for Louise and inspired her to create and share these Navagraha themed workshops with us.



Suitable for all. If you have any questions please contact us on 07774311227 or email

Dates 2022

• Sunday 11th September

• Sunday 2nd October

• Sunday 6th November

• Sunday 11th December


Dates 2023

• Sunday 8th January

• Sunday 5th February

• Sunday 5th March

• Sunday 2nd April



• 2:00 – 4:00pm



• £27 per workshop or £199 for all 8 workshops

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