Seasonal Gong Sound Bath and Supper Evenings 

with Ali Gunning

The sound bath is a unique meditative experience where a combination of gongs, crystal bowls and other sacred instruments like the flute, drum, lyre & rain stick soothe the nervous system and facilitate an expanded state of consciousness.


To enrich your healing experience Ali will share a mini practise of movement, breath and sound, helping you to fully settle and receive.


Each evening has a seasonal flavour, connecting us to nature and our own needs and rhythms. As the original creative force, sound leads us back to source, to reconnecting with our true nature.


After the sound we will take time to ground and share together over delicious food* created by chef Emma.


Ali (resonant being) is an experienced sound and yoga therapist who creates safe and loving spaces for people to explore and heal in their own way. See for more info.

These sacred sounds realign us on a level that is beyond conscious thought.
2023 Events


Spring ‘Seed’ – Friday 31st March 2023


Ali will guide you in some gentle twisting movements and balancing breathwork as we move through the equinox into the fullness of spring. The birds are singing the land into life, just as our sound bath can help stir the body’s vitality. Powerful washes of Water and Sedna gongs nurture your seeds of intention for the seasons ahead; sweet mantras and flutes flow with the song of crystal bowls.


Summer ‘Bloom’ – Friday 30th June 2023


Simple heart opening movements and breathwork help you rise into the potent yang energy of this time; moving through the solstice portal into high summer and a time to vision, share, manifest. Relax deeply into the heartbeat of the drum before a bright feast of sound including sun, planetary and symphonic gongs. 


Autumn ‘Harvest’ – Saturday 16th September 2023


Slowing our rhythms down towards the autumn equinox, Ali will guide you in grounding breathwork and gentle forward bending movements. The sound bath will balance the shades of dark and light, deep bold waves of earth and water gongs meeting sparkling tones of crystal bowls, sistrum and bells.


Winter ‘Rest’ – Friday 8th December 2023


It’s time to turn inwards and digest the year so far, to allow our system to de-stress. Ali helps you nestle into simple restorative postures and sonorous breathwork combined with gentle singing bowls. A cocoon of healing sound invites you to let go and be held. Drum rhythms weave with the deep call “home” of earth and water gongs; the melodies of voice, lyre and harmonium leading to a deep restful silence.

About your teacher
Ali Gunning

Ali Gunning

Ali Gunning – sound and yoga therapist, holder of sacred space and retreat facilitator for over 12 years


I came to the mystical element of sound through my yoga trainings in India, fascinated, and challenged, by mantra and the power of voice. I went on to specialise in working with the majestic gong for self healing and meditation.


Sound has been the guiding thread of my journey through various studies and initiations. I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and have undertaken diverse training and CPD extending to over 2,000 hours, including recent studies of mudra therapy and trauma and grief sensitive yoga nidra. But, for me, living and breathing it matters more than any qualifications. It is the daily practise and connection to the sacred which helps me to give and grow authentically.


I am dedicated to sharing sound, breath and embodied practices which can bring transformation in all areas of life, on all layers of our being – both the profound and the practical! This has certainly been my own experience and my intention is to hold authentic, safe and loving spaces for others to connect with source.


I’ve travelled widely in India & Nepal and explored London and Hertfordshire on a house boat. In the last few years I’ve been more about putting down roots and am now located on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall, where ancient, elemental energies feed my soul. My partner Andy, a musician, and I have created a retreat house and sound temple to host small retreats and gatherings. Here, with deep reverence, we bring together what we have learned from the East with the wisdom of this land, seasons and Celtic traditions.

What to bring/ how to prepare


  • Yoga mats, blankets and bolsters are provided.
  • We have a very limited number of eye pillows so please do bring your own if you have one or a lightweight scarf or similar to cover your eyes if you wish to do so.
  • Please wear warm comfortable clothes in light layers; bring an extra blanket/s if you feel the cold & a small pillow for your head.
  • Please speak to Ali beforehand if you are pregnant, have any hearing issues, metal implants or other health concerns.


Suitable for all levels.


If you have any questions please contact us on 07774311227 or email


* The food we serve is vegan, but do let us know if you have any dietary requirements, we cater for everything.

2023 Dates:

Spring ‘Seed’ – Friday 31st March

Summer ‘Bloom’ – Friday 30th June

Autumn ‘Harvest’ – Saturday 16th September

Winter ‘Rest’ – Friday 8th December


Time:  6:00 – 8:00pm

All four seasons: £120, saving £20!

Individual price: £35

Includes a light supper*

*Please let us know of any dietary requirements.