Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Our new pregnancy yoga classes are taught by Ellie Murray, who is a graduate of our Teacher Training programme and has subsequently gone on to train in prenatal and postnatal yoga.

Whether you are new to yoga or a yogi with an existing practice, consistent yoga throughout your pregnancy will help you maintain strength, flexibility and stamina. It will help you to keep up your fitness levels but also be of great benefit during labour and can help with faster recovery post-birth.

About This Class

  • 90
  • Pre Natal
  • Pregnancy
Lime House Pregnancy Yoga classes will be a safe place to relax, relieve any pregnancy-related tension and help to calm your nervous system through slow, steady breathing. Gently develop a bond with baby before they are born and tune into your body as it undergoes its most amazing transformation.

Held in our beautiful new studios, the hour-long class will be followed by a social half an hour of chat, tea and discussion – anything from slings and re-usable nappies to home births and breastfeeding support.

Our passion for creating community through yoga is extended through our pregnancy yoga – establishing a bond between new mums and providing support for their emotional well-being through new friendships.

Can I pay for just one class?

Yes, you can pay for a single class rather than paying for a whole block. Go the Class Schedule Page, use the drop down to select the pregnancy block you wish to join and click ‘Filter‘, this will display the individual dates. Select the date you wish to attend and follow the onscreen instructions to book.

Class Schedule

What To Bring / How To Prepare

  • Yoga mats, blankets, bolsters & eye pillows are provided.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes, something that you can easily move and stretch in.
  • Suitable for all levels.
  • If you have any questions please contact us on 07774 311 227 or email
  • If you want to chat please do not hesitate to contact us as we want to help.
Pregnancy yoga was invaluable for so many reasons during my pregnancies, not only strength and flexibility, but for a calm focus on preparing for labour and of course the opportunity to meet other mums on the same journey meant I built up a support network for my maternity leave.”

Your Teacher

Ellie Murray Yoga Teacher

Ellie Murray

We’ll let Ellie tell you about herself in her own words:

I’m passionate about sharing yoga in the beautiful setting that is Cornwall.

I grew up in South East London, but have always been drawn to the great outdoors and an active lifestyle. I studied English and French at Nottingham University and worked in Paris for a year, which sparked my passion for travel. 

I fell in love with the sea. Summers were spent teaching windsurfing in Greece, where I met my husband, Chris. 

Back in London, after a year in a job that made me question what it was that I truly wanted, I found my niche in journalism. I worked for national newspapers, and honed in on travel, adventure and wellbeing. 

Travel journalism has taken me to some of the world’s best yoga retreats and surf camps, from India to Hawaii, Portugal to the Maldives. You can read about these – and some of my other adventures, ranging from ice climbing in Canada to cycling in New Zealand – here

I’ve been practising yoga for more than ten years. I first stepped on a mat purely for physical reasons – to ease aching surfing muscles. But I soon realised that the practice is more than just physical. Like with surfing, yoga requires mental focus – being in the moment helps you both to catch a wave and to flow through yoga postures. This awareness has deepened my practice.

I moved to Cornwall in 2017 to be closer to the sea, and to live a more active lifestyle. I qualified in teaching yoga, gaining my 300-hour accredited Yoga Alliance Professionals certificate, with over 400 hours of training, at Lime House School of Yoga.

Now I want to bring yoga to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions