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We offer a range of classes suitable for all, from beginners to advanced and with new students starting each week, every class can be adapted to suit you. We love the fact that our students are an eclectic bunch and offer a range of yoga styles to choose from. From gentle restorative to dynamic vinyasa yoga there’s something here for everyone.

Pre-booking is required before coming to class as we limit the number of students per class.

There are a range of payment options, you can ‘drop in’ and pay each time or purchase one of our class passes.

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Foundations Yoga Header

Foundations of Yoga

No matter how long you have been practicing there is always something new to learn and by stripping everything down to the foundations and rebuilding is a wonderful way to learn new things and sometimes remember things we have forgotten.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Whether you are new to yoga or a yogi with an existing practice, consistent yoga throughout your pregnancy will help you maintain strength, flexibility and stamina. It will help you to keep up your fitness levels but also be of great benefit during labour and can help with faster recovery post-birth.

Louise McCutcheon Holding Yoga teacher Baby

Mums Yoga

Louise is Mum to three children so teaches from a place of lived experience. In Louise’s own words, ”It’s a space for Mums to practice yoga without having to find a baby sitter. I will guide you through a gentle vinyasa class and help out with the little ones as much as possible.”

Gentle Vinyasa Lime House Yoga Studio

Slow Vinyasa

A light hearted slow vinyasa flow class with lots of options so you can choose what suits your body and your energy levels. The class is often themed around a biomechanical alignment principle, so we evolve our understanding of the postures. Pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation are woven into the fabric of each class.

Ashtanga Yoga Prasarita C

Ashtanga Yoga

We have three distinct Ashtanga classes on our schedule, Monday and Thursday morning Self practice (Mysore), Tuesday Evening Ashtanga Inspired and a Saturday Led class

Jenny Chancellor Pilates class in Cornwall


Dynamic Mat Pilates, every Monday between 9:45-11:00am. The session is suitable for all levels, offering you a full body workout with just a little bit of muscle burn.

Expect a focus on core stability and mobility, helping you leave Limehouse with a little more spring in your step!”