Ashtanga Self Practice (Mysore) Weeks
Jock Orton & Amy Hughes

Join senior Ashtanga teachers Jock and Amy for Ashtanga Vinyasa Self Practice weeks.

5 days – arrive at 6.45 am for 7am – finish when you like, the teaching finishes at 9am daily

Ashtanga Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that uses a powerful sequence of postures combined with breath to create an internal heat that opens the muscles, purifies the body and quietens the mind. Ashtanga Yoga is composed of six systematic series of poses, which slowly build in difficulty to allow students to safely access their full potential. The focus on breath, balance, and energy allow students to bring all their attention to the flow of postures in a moving meditation.

Where possible, students should first attend an Introduction to Ashtanga Self Practice or some led classes before coming, but don’t worry if you are less familiar with the Ashtanga series of poses as Jock and Amy will be there to support each student’s body, breath and mind giving guidance through verbal instructions where necessary and physical assists should you consent to them. Their aim is to help each student evolve into an independent practitioner and to enjoy the mental and physical benefits that the Ashtanga practice can bring.

These 'Practice Weeks' will be run every month so by attending regularly we will get you to know you personally and how you are progressing

For established practitioners, you are welcome to practice whichever series you are working on in the manner that serves you and we invite you to contact us before you come telling us a little about yourself and your practice. For those newer to the Primary Series of Ashtanga, our guidance will focus on making the practice accessible to everyone regardless of your experience or flexibility.  The Ashtanga sequence is often viewed as only suitable for those who are athletic, strong and flexible.  However, we passionately endorse the sequence being adapted to the individual with modifications and props available to ensure safe and sustainable lifelong practice.

With a combined practice experience of almost fifty years, Jock and Amy will draw upon their training and experience in a variety of yoga styles to ensure you are able to develop an Ashtanga practice that is right for your body.  Both are senior Ashtanga teachers and have both trained extensively with John Scott, Jock developing his practice further with Manju Jois and Amy with Sarah Hatcher.

About your Teachers


Jock is the co-founder and director of Lime House Yoga. His teaching style is energetic and playful but grounded in correct alignment. When he’s not practicing or teaching he can be found hanging out with his daughters who are constantly teaching him the true meaning of yoga.


Amy is a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner who has traveled extensively around the world studying and training with some of the most senior teachers within the Ashtanga tradition. She recently relocated back to Cornwall from Scotland where she was teaching in a busy Mysore programme and learning the fourth series Ashtanga poses from Sarah Hatcher.

Suitable for all all.


If you have any questions please contact us on 01872 496613 or email


• Mon 1st – 5th November

• Mon 6th – 10th December

• Mon 17th – 21st January ’22


• 7am – 9am (daily)


• £95 per week

• £250 for all three weeks

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