So here at Lime House Yoga we’ve spent 3 years building the studio slowly but surely. Doing very little marketing or advertising and believing that the quality of what we offer and passion with which we do it, is enough. And it is, thanks to the wonderful support of our students and our local and yoga communities.

Slow and sustainable was our motto…so what to do when presented with an opportunity that would catapult our business plan forward by about 5 years in just 6 months?!

After a chance conversation with our neighbour across the road we discovered they were selling their house after 30yrs. Here was 7 let-able bedrooms a mere 30 paces from the studio and suddenly our long-held dream of building our retreat centre seemed to be right before of us. The question was…would we take the risk and could we persuade others to support us on that journey?

In our partnership, in life as well as business Jock is the risk-taker, the one who always trusts it will work out, who juggles 10 balls at the same time and who likes living on the edge. I on the other hand like thinking, planning and lists and having some idea of where we will be in a year from now. We make a great team but this decision was a game changer for us and for Limehouse.

We could let the opportunity pass by along with the inevitable regrets and plan for a time when we felt more settled, more ready. Or we could grab it with both hands, dive in and make it work. We spent many long days and nights talking, writing, planning and thinking. We wrote lists, worked through numbers, talked to people we loved, we did all the things a good entrepreneur is meant to do.

And then we stood together and listened to our instinct, our intuition and our hearts.

The Retreat @ Limehouse Yoga opens in September 2015 and we already have bookings for this year and next…plan all you can but always, always stand in the stillness and listen to your heart.

Emma R