Creating community through yoga


Our yoga studio on the North Cornwall coast delivers classes, workshops and retreats designed to calm, nurture and inspire.  Our experienced teachers provide guidance, knowledge and adjustment to begin or deepen your yoga and meditation practice in a safe and playful environment.  As well as weekly classes, One 2 One tuition and workshops, we are privileged to host some of the world’s most experienced national and international teachers for yoga retreats and teacher training right here in Cornwall.


With something to suit everyone whether beginner or experienced, we invite you to join us on a yoga journey that will be nurturing, thought provoking and above all fun.

Upcoming events

  • Butley Priory Suffolk Retreat with Jock

    Jock is being hosted by Katherine and Jodie – The Retreat Sisters – at the beautiful Butley Priory in Suffolk for an Autumnal Retreat. Jock will be teaching an Ashtanga weekend for us consisting of morning Mysore sessions and workshops looking at specific areas of the body and the practice.

  • Dinacharya Yoga Workshop – Establishing a Daily Routine

    The ancient practice of Ayurveda recommends establishing a daily routine to promote good health and wellbeing.

  • Yin Fascial Yoga Workshop

    Yin Fascial Yoga is a system of yoga that combines elements of Yin Yoga, Myofascial Release, Daoist Yoga and Mindfulness, exploring the many ways we can help release tension, tightness and emotional & physical trauma held within the physical and energetic body.

  • Cornwall Ashtanga Weekend Yoga Retreat

    An extended weekend retreat starting on Thursday evening and finishing on Monday morning. This retreat has been designed to be a unique…

Latest Musings

  • Students find their way to yoga along many different paths, but in our experience they usually fall into two categories.  Those who want to prevent injury by becoming more flexible and those who want to recover from it.  So it was when Aaron rocked up,......

  • ‘So how long is your closing speech for the conference’ a colleague asked me on Monday.  Somewhat hilarious facial expressions ensued as my mouth opened and closed several times, whilst my brain scrabbled to remember what conference speech I was meant to be writing! As......

  • How many times have you set limits on yourself without ever realising you had done so? Recently I was doing my morning yoga practice and unsuccessfully attempted to get my legs into Padmasana (lotus) whilst in Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm balance). A fellow yogi who was......